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Learn about pricing

and why we do it this way.

Our service model is unique to some. We understand this. AND . . .  honest I try not to sound like a vacuum cleaner commercial with this information!


We realize quality family Art and heirloom album creation services is not for everyone. That's OK! We will be happy to provide you with the names of other local professionals who do not offer this specialty. Just ask!

For those who do enjoy seeing their families in print, we've got you. Keep on Reading!

1. Heirloom Keepsake Albums

Our ALBUMS come in two sizes. Small and Large. They are beautiful, thick, leather bound albums. The kind that you can hand to grandma and she'll need to use both arms because they're heavy. We have samples to show you, come on in and visit and have cookies.

You can customize them as you like which is a great feature. Albums include all of the digital images too at no extra charge. Album pricing begins at $540

2. Prints - Framed, Canvas, or Metal

OUR PRINTS are large, wall-sized prints. Just give me a photo of your empty wall space, and we can find the best size for your wall space together. So when your mother-in-law comes over, she'll spot the gorgeous Art from across the room and be sad that she wasn't in the photo too.


If you're looking for smaller, desk size, sharable prints, we have them too, but those you'll order yourself from your personal gallery at our cost. 

Prints can be ordered in Frames, as a Canvas, or the most popular Metal prints. We can get other types as well, like Acrylic and fine Art canvas, just ask! Our wall Art pricing begins at $250.

3. And, YES, we have Digital images for you too

For EVERY printed photo (for the wall or in an album) that you purchase, you get the matching digital image, for free. For example, if you order 40 images in your large album, they will be printed in the album and you'll also be able to upload them from your personal gallery at no extra charge. If you would like them on a flash drive, we can do that for you with a custom case for $100.


If you only fall in love with one image from your photography experience and want that one printed large for your wall, you'll get the matching digital image on your personal gallery for you to download at no extra cost.  

4. Folio boxes. What is that? 

A Folio box is literally a box (leather or wood) that holds 10, 15 or 20 matted images of your family. Why? Some folks like to gift these to friends and family and keep some for themselves. Some LOVE the box because then other keepsakes can be kept in it. MOST folks put a few of the matted images on their wall, in their own frames, and keep the rest safely in the box until they desire to switch them out with the others. Folio box pricing begins at $540.

5. Extras.

Extras and gifts . . . Often, when creating an album I add extra photos. Why? Because. Because I can and I want to. That's enough reason. 

Sometimes, I test out products and companies too and just for fun, I'll order up something with your families' image and may offer it to you at low cost or you may just see it arrive at your doorstep. 

JUST an overview... I would enjoy saying HI to you in person. We can enjoy a cup of coffee at a local shop, meet at your kitchen table or you can travel to see me at my studio in downtown Turtle Lake. I'm here to help you cherish these moments in your life and to hold them close to your heart, sharing them with friends, family and using those treasured, priceless photographic possessions as heirlooms and documentation of a life well lived. Give me a call, 715-541-2384.

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