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Getting 'Into It' Online

Well, I am me. I make no excuses. And sometimes I just have to speak out and say something.

The conversation below is one I had with fellow photographers on Facebook. The question asked was:

"Do you feel your clients prefer digital photos that they can print themselves or do they prefer to purchase prints straight from you?"

My answers and those who responded to be are posted below, ver batim.

Jennifer Raddatz Both. Because you can make a digital image from a print. If the digital image is lost, corrupted, deleted, not kept updated with technology, you're screwed. Because it's much more enjoyable and nostalgic to see images on a wall, in an album or other visual media as opposed to showing them on a digital device, especially with children. Seeing imagery of themselves and family decorating a home gives them a sense of place, like they belong. Because those prints are priceless and hold a much deeper resolve than any digital image could ever provide. Because it gives a person warm fuzzies to sit on the couch with mom, looking at an album, reminiscing and loving that bond and memories that will last forever with no on or off switch needed. There's nothing digital that can ever replace that.

Denvel C Jennifer Raddatz great points! I know some people just don’t have the “know how/patience” to order them on their own and then it doesn’t get done. Thanks.

Jennifer Raddatz Denyel C, Absolutely. Plus, as a professional 'we' have access to pro printers who do not provide such high quality to consumers directly.

Audrey F Jennifer Raddatz my grandchildren are always wanting to look at the selves on the shelf so I always have an updated photo. Lidia R Jennifer Raddatz I love this! Jennifer Raddatz I will add that it is MORE than being able to SELL these products to clients. Yes, many photographers, myself included do get most of our/my fees from the products. But THAT is NOT why I offer prints and albums. The above is! I started out digital and discovered that I was disserving clients by not following through the entire process. .... that by allowing clients' images to live on their phones forever and allowing clients the confusion of ordering through companies that were low quality and overwhelming and frustrating ordering processes --- was a HUGE disservice to them. My clients deserve better than that.

I believe this whole-heartedly and printing and creating Art for clients will always remain a priority.

Yes, I accept that we live in a 'modern world' and social media and stealing online images and screenshots and taking 100s of photos on our phones is a thing now. I understand that, but it will not deter me from sharing the wonderous joy of looking up from your phone, or away from the TV, or coming home after a long day at work and seeing, or God forbid - viewing an image of a loved one in print on your wall who has passed away. Having tangible, creative, emotional, one-in-a-moment portraits on your walls, in your home, in an album, even a small print.... MATTERS.

Printing your memories is a documentation of YOUR life. It matters to the little ones in your family, seeing photos of themselves, of family on the walls, on display gives them a sense of place. Makes them feel home and like they belong. It's just important. It just is.

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