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Planning Your Portrait Experience with Bright Iris Media

I have a wide range of expertise in capturing special moments for various occasions. Whether it's a high school senior, family, equestrian, or a pet, I LOVE to use my training, heart, and eye to create beautiful and memorable photographs.


Additionally, my experience in capturing professional business portraits, products & services, organizations & events allows me to be versatile and a photographer for any occasion.


I would love to hear from you! Reach me at 715-541-2384 or email

Senior Camaro photos.jpg


The Process is Simple

Contact me. We'll chat about what you're looking for. We will discuss pricing and all options. Then we will schedule the best time to capture your memories.


And, then . . .

We will have your session, 

easy peasy.


And next . . .

In a week or so, we'll meet again to view your photos, or, you'll take a look at them on a gallery. Your choice!

You'll choose the most special ones you want to keep, and THEN?

 . . . you'll enjoy and share them - forever. 

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