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Planning Your Portrait Experience with Bright Iris Media

We photograph high school seniors, families, professionals, businesses, products, services and --YES -- horseback riders and ranches!


If you are in need of images for your business, please contact us directly at or 715-541-2384


If you are in need of images for a high school senior, your family, basic website images, or are an equestrian -- learn more about our process below !

Senior Camaro photos.jpg


Is This You?

"I need some photos. I'm just here to see what its gonna cost me."

"I've been to sooo many websites looking for a photographer, I am OVERwhelmed!"

"Hey, I just need someone who knows what they're doing and will listen to me."


And, then . . .

I can't help you if you don't call. It's just a call? It's better if we meet in person, but a phone call definitely does the trick. 

So, call. I'll answer your questions and we will schedule a time to meet and create your beautiful, memorable images -- together.

Call or text.



And next . . .

When the pictures are done, and we make them perfect. We will meet again.


And rather than it being a confusing, overwhelming ordeal . . we will view them, together.


You'll choose the most special ones you want to keep, and THEN?

 . . . you'll enjoy and share them - forever. 

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