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It's Simple.

It's what I do. I make it easy for you.

Jennifer Raddatz

Hi! I'm Jennifer Raddatz

CEO and Head Honcho.

Community Advocate.

General Do-Gooder.

Photographer Extraordinaire

Strong Coffee Drinker.

*LOVES cookies. 

Doesn't mind washing dishes. (by hand)


Yes, I can work on the  computer for 12 hours and still love it.



My mom is My Hero.

Dad is pretty great too ;)

Social Media is my Jam. (ya, I said it)

It's a story.

You hear "Can I take your picture?" and you cringe.

Your heart races faster than a dog running to hide under the table after pulling a stick of butter on the floor. Then you think, ugh, I'm too fat for this right now. I don't have time. Maybe in a couple months? Plus, I'm broke. I can't even afford to go to the movies in my own living room. 

And, what? Prints and albums? Seriously? 

"No, I'm not interested in prints or albums, I just want digital photos. They work just fine for me."


 Then. Two days later, your phone drops into the sink, somehow, when washing those big pans. No problem, I have those photos backed up on Google. Hours later at the phone store, "Sorry, ma'am, we were unable to retrieve any information from your phone. And, it doesn't appear that images were saving correctly. Unfortunately, your SD card is not gonna work. They're gone. Your photos are gone.

A few months later, mom has a stroke. You're immediately at her side. Family sits in her hospital room chatting quietly and reminiscing. You take her hand and watch her face. Your mind going over and over small little moments you've had with her. A lifetime of moments. 


I have photos shoved in a box, you recall. Maybe there's a few in an album too. I had quite a few on my phone, but, that's gone. Wow. Why didn't I . . . I should have . . . will she walk again? Will she talk again? Why didn't we get those photos. Why didn't we get more photos. Oh mom. 

Yes, true story. Just get the photos. Get them. Go through the process. Print them. The cost is pennies at the end of the day. They are priceless. Priceless.


And then? Enjoy them. Cherish them. Let your kids feel that sense of place when they see them and ask questions and remember. Walk by them every single day as they display proudly on your wall. And, then? Add some more, and smile. 

EASY. It really is.
----> The Process


I meet you - you meet me. You ask all the questions and I answer them.


We create some of your best memories. Yep, it's the photo session, the part you don't like. Leave it to me. I've got this.


Here we are. We meet again but this time, I have cookies. Excited? Gosh, I sure am! You've done it and get to view your photos! Seriously, it IS the best part.


You're done! See? Easy. I'll take care of you - when your prints, albums and things arrive. I'll make sure they are PERFECT. Then, I'll deliver them right to your door. I'll even hang them if you'd like. 

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